What it's like to be a neighbor of New Center School in Sevierville, TN

January 28, 2016



Halle's Kitchen is located across the street from the best school in Sevierville, Tennessee.  New Center School serves Kindergarden through 8th grade students.  Teachers and administration are dedicated to providing the highest possible learning experience for the students and it's clearly obvious that the staff really cares about the kids.  


Parents visit Halle's Kitchen for a quick Dinner to take home or for a Milkshake while they're watching a Basketball game - they always say wonderful things about the school.  New Center is a very community oriented neighborhood and this is demonstrated very well at New Center School! 


10 Cool things about New Center School:  


- All the Cool Kids are here!  :)  

- Mascot:  A Rocket Ship!

- Number of Students:  753 or so

- Number of Employees:  100 or so

- Has an outdoor Running Track!

- Has a Softball Field in the back!

- Sports activities & Family Nights

- Parent Involvement Opportunities

- Learning Assistance

- Student Expectations (Rockets)


...there's more than 10 cool things, I know.  :)


What it's like to be a neighbor of New Center School:


- 753 Kids arrive and depart daily via rides from Parents or a Sevier County School Bus... that's a big deal twice a day!  Traffic direction by the Sheriff's Department is excellent, almost like watching Dancing with the Stars!  :)  

- Kids and parents are very respectful, friendly and kind - they always clean up after themselves when they dine-in, we have never seen them leave a mess.  That's good parenting and good teaching, rett thar!  :)  

- Oftentimes parents and kids visit Halle's Kitchen at supper-time or during special activities at the school (we appreciate that very much!)

- School staff stop by for a bite to eat or something sweet!  We love hearing your stories and how you enjoy working at the school!  No it's not always pleasant, and I like hearing those stories too, gives me a chance to give away free treats for folks having a bad day.

- Snow Days.  We have way more than those folks up North who get more snow.  :)  

- Parents and Teachers are always asking us to be open for breakfast and lunch.  Someday, soon maybe?  We're thinking about it!  :) 

- Parents also want us to come over and serve 'healthier' food during sports games at the school.  Who do we talk to about doing that?  This is doable.

- The Girls Basketball Team likes Waffle Fries!

- The Boys Softball (or was it Baseball) Team likes Milkshakes!  Lots of 'em!  :)  

- Student Moms love our Chicken Bite Dinners and Grilled Chicken Salads (me too!)

- Student Dads love anything with the word Steak, Double or Burger in it!  Easy to please!  


How we support New Center School:  


- In the past, we have supported New Center School with "New Center Night" - this is where you mention that you're attending a sporting event at the school and we give 10% of your purchase as a donation to the school.  

- We have sponsored a school cook book by providing funds and recipes.  

- We support the teachers by inserting a free dessert coupon in birthday bags they get from the school.

- We currently have a connection with Amazon.Smile and so now, whenever we purchase anything at Amazon.com through their Smile program, a percentage of the sale goes to anyone we choose, we chose New Center School!  

- On our new Menu, we offer Corn Dogs, .10 cents from every Corn Dog sold is donated to the school... so buy more Corn Dogs!  :)  


Dear New Center School:  We think you're awesome!  Thanks for being a great neighbor - we appreciate you!  HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN REAL SOON!  Thank you!


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January 28, 2016

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